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A self proclaimed wordsmith who has always dreamed

of being a writer, and since 1969 has been working to be

the kind of writer that would fulfill those dreams.

Please, explore and enjoy what he has accomplished

thus far as he continues transforming mere words

into works of literary art via the craft of wordsmithing.


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BeaJay’s Publications

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The Poetry of BeaJay

The Poetry Anthologies

soliloquisms_front_cover Soliloquisms is the first poetry anthology by BeaJay written under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It contains all of the known works done by him starting in 1969 and continuing into 1983. It contains many examples of various forms of poetry and lyrics. They are the attempts of a lovesick Neophyte writer trying to impress the people in his life through words.
Paperback: Soliloquisms – Paperback version
Kindle: …… Soliloquisms – Kindle version
Nook: …….. Soliloquisms – Nook Book version
E-Format: . Soliloquisms – E-Fomat version

textuals_front_cover Textuals is the second poetry anthology by BeaJay written under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It contains all of the known works done by him starting in 1983 and continuing into 2005. The works contained in this anthology show BeaJay’s development as a writer as he learns how to express his thoughts and emotions much more effectively through poetry. It was during these years that he realized much more can be expressed through the proper words than just one’s feelings for another. It was during this time that BeaJay discovered he was actually capable of writing pieces others find profound.
Paperback: Textuals – Paperback version
Kindle: …… Textuals – Kindle verrsion
Nook: …….. Textuals – Nook Book version
E-Format: . Textuals – E-Format version

notebook_from_a_samurai_front_cover Notebook From A Samurai is the third poetry anthology by BeaJay written under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It contains all of the known works done by him starting in 2005 and continuing through 2006. This anthology does not merely contain poetry, but it contains essays and a short story, as well. While writing this anthology, BeaJay realized he is a writer. He is not a writer because he writes, he writes because he is a writer.
Paperback: Notebook From A Samurai – Paperback version
Kindle: …… Notebook From A Samurai – Kindle version
Nook: …….. Notebook From A Samurai – Nook Book version
E-Format: . Notebook From A Samurai – E-Format version

The Poetry Collections

a-satchel-of-sonnets-front-cover A Satchel of Sonnets is the first collection of sonnets by BeaJay written under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It contains the first 150 sonnets written by BeaJay. Each sonnet is included twice, once in chronological order, and once by sonnet type. The types included are Dorn, Petrarchan (Italian), Shakespearian (English), Spenserian, and Stefanile. While there may be other types of sonnets, these are the only types written by BeaJay. It contains sonnets starting in 1981 and continuing into 2015.
Paperback: A Satchel of Sonnets – Paperback version
Kindle: …… A Satchel of Sonnets – Kindle version
Nook: …….. A Satchel of Sonnets – Nook Book version
E-Format: . A Satchel of Sonnets – E-Format version

The Novels of BeaJay

The Samuel Novels

the-vision-of-second-samuel-front-cover The Vision of Second Samuel is the first novel written by BeaJay writing under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It is the story of a twenty-something young lady who, with the help of a sage of the streets, survives being burned out of her apartment, loses her job, takes up residence in a $20 a night flop house, and assists another young woman, a twenty-something crack baby with the mind of a six year old, help about thirty illiterate street people learn how to read.
Paperback: The Vision of Second Samuel – Paperback version
Kindle: …… The Vision of Second Samuel – Kindle version
Nook: …….. The Vision of Second Samuel – Nook Book version
E-Format: . The Vision of Second Samuel – E-Format version

second-samuels-vision-revealed-front-cover Second Samuel’s Vision Revealed is the sequel to The Vision of Second Samuel. It continues the story by showing the lives into which several of the characters from the first novel grow. In this story the girls and their friends, old and new, deal with a crooked real estate investor who tries to shut down the only high school in the city, tries to get the girls arrested by crooked cops, and blows up an apartment tenement with Samuel inside. It takes everyone working together to prevent the end of the inner city, and to turn their city into a virtual paradise.
Paperback: Second Samuel’s Vision Revealed – Paperback version
Kindle: …… Second Samuel’s Vision Revealed – Kindle version
Nook: …….. Second Samuel’s Vision Revealed – Nook Book version
E-Format: . Second Samuel’s Vision Revealed – E-Format version

The Normel Novels

front-cover-perry-normel-fun-with-liu-syd-dreaming Perry Normel Fun With Liu Syd Dreaming is the third novel by BeaJay writing under the name “Bill Mc Neice”. It tells the interesting story of a school bus driver enjoying his summer vacation. Through a completely innocent accident in an oriental restaurant, he incurs the wrath of an extremely lovely young lady. In her anger, she has an oriental mystic place a devastating curse on the school bus driver. He must learn to dream his way out from under the curse before it kills him. In the process, he befriends a catfish, meets his long dead great grandmother, and finds his one and only soul mate.
Paperback: Perry Normel Fun With Liu Syd Dreaming – Only the Paperback version is available
Due to copyright issues this book is not available in other formats.

the-undefined-process-front-cover The Undefined Process is a sequel, of sorts, to Perry Normel Fun With Liu Syd Dreaming. It is the story of a man, the son of Perry Normel, who finds himself the owner of a strange hybrid computer system that is the melted combination of a laptop computer and a desktop computer. While he cannot define any of the system’s new capabilities and processes, that doesn’t stop him from being able to use those processes to do things that amaze all who experience them. But is that enough to keep the man from being arrested for a jewelry theft that is beyond belief?
Paperback: The Undefined Process – Paperback version
Kindle: …… The Undefined Process – Kindle version
Nook: …….. The Undefined Process – Nook Book version
E-Format: . The Undefined Process – E-Format version

The Gambling Novels

winning-by-way-of-losing-front-cover Winning By Way of Losing is the fourth novel by BeaJay writing under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It tells the story of a computer programmer who learns how to win on demand at the game of roulette. He must then learn how to survive in the world of casinos where winning is frowned upon, and maintaining high profits is more important than letting a person live. How does one keep himself safe when the state gambling commission discovers he can win whenever he wants at whatever game he chooses to play.
Paperback: Winning By Way of Losing – Paperback version
Kindle: …… Winning By Way of Losing – Kindle version
Nook: …….. Winning By Way of Losing – Nook Book version
E-Format: . Winning By Way of Losing – E-Format version

losing-in-place-of-winning-front-cover Losing In Place of Winning is the sequel to Winning By Way of Losing. It tells what happens when one who can win on demand at roulette suddenly finds himself losing consistently. The only reasonable answer is crooked roulette wheels, but these wheels are passing all the tests to which they are subjected. So how does a guy who can win on demand prove the wheels are fixed without revealing how he can win like he does? In the process, he breaks up with a control freak only to later gain her back as a dear friend.
Paperback: Losing In Place of Winning – Paperback version
Kindle: …… Losing In Place of Winning – Kindle version
Nook: …….. Losing In Place of Winning – Nook Book version
E-Format: . Losing In Place of Winning – E-Format version

The Standalone Novels

the-quote-a-thon-front-cover The Quote-A-Thon is the fifth novel by BeaJay writing under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It follows the track of a TV show from the inspiration that sparks the idea for the show all the way to the grand finale at Carnegie Hall in New York. In the process, the story follows, as well, the relationship of an old man and his grand nephew as the grand nephew tries to win the prize for being the next great voice-over artist. While the show only lasted one season, it changed the lives of the stars and contestants forever.
Paperback: The Quote-A-Thon – Paperback version
Kindle: …… The Quote-A-Thon – Kindle version
Nook: …….. The Quote-A-Thon – Nook Book version
E-Format: . The Quote-A-Thon – E-Format version

the-uncalled-witness-front-cover The Uncalled Witness is the seventh novel by BeaJay writing under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. This story is more of a look at the day to day life of a retired person as he lives out his beliefs in front of a skeptical world. It shows how his simple beliefs are life changing to those who are willing to listen to his testimony. However, he is not a judge, jury member, or even a lawyer. He is just a witness. He can only testify when called upon. Still, his relationships give him a wonderful life as he fulfills the purpose he was born for.
Paperback: The Uncalled Witness – Paperback version
Kindle: …… The Uncalled Witness – Kindle version
Nook: …….. The Uncalled Witness – Nook Book version
E-Format: . The Uncalled Witness – E-Format version

willie-waykkop-by-bettie-daunt-front-cover Willie Waykkop By Bettie Daunt is the ninth novel by BeaJay writing under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. This story is about three elderly people and their families, as the elderly live out the final years of their existence in a facility for such folks. Two of the elderly find themselves being drawn together in a way that defies explanation while the third one finds herself sinking deeper into a Hell of her own creating. Love triumphs over all, but for one family the love is more a labor than a joy.
Paperback: Willie Waykkop By Bettie Daunt – Paperback version
Kindle: …… Willie Waykkop By Bettie Daunt – Kindle version
Nook: …….. Willie Waykkop By Bettie Daunt – Nook Book version
E-Format: . Willie Waykkop By Bettie Daunt – E-Format version

an address of evil front cover An Address of Evil is the tenth novel by BeaJay writing under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It is the story of an old fogy who breaks up his relationship with one young woman, moves into an assisted living facility, develops a relationship with another young woman who happens to be a caregiver where he now lives, and takes the two of them on a trip to California to find the husband of the young woman he broke up with. That is where they find An Address of Evil, and must figure out how to deal with it effectively.
Paperback: An Address of Evil – Paperback version
Kindle: …… not yet available, but hopefully will be soon
Nook: …….. not yet available, but hopefully will be soon
E-Format: . not yet available, but hopefully will be soon

pathway to the prison of paradise front cover Pathway To The Prison of Paradise is the eleventh novel by BeaJay writing under the name of “Bill Mc Neice”. It is the story of a man who escapes from a terrorist attack only to crash land in the midst of a pack of wolves. The wolves lead him to an elder at a gathering place who helps him meet The MASTER. Then he is the only one to leave alive when government troops raid the gathering place, and burn it to the ground. From there he gets thrown into prison as an undocumented immigrant. Then The MASTER changes the prison into a virtual Paradise.
Paperback: Pathway To The Prison of Paradise – Paperback version
Kindle: …… not yet available, but hopefully will be soon
Nook: …….. not yet available, but hopefully will be soon
E-Format: . not yet available, but hopefully will be soon



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If you send me a comment, I will read it. How and when I respond, however, is another thing I will give no guarantees about. As you are well aware, there are a multitude of circumstances that can keep one from responding to things in a timely manner. I will see about responding positively and in a timely manner, but I can’t promise for sure.

About this web site

This is the personal web site of BeaJay. It provides a place where he can maintain a Blog of thoughts, comments, notices, and other writings. It provides, as well, a place where he can provide a current on-line list of all his publications that are currently on the market. It is a location on the Internet where those interested in following his writing career can easily keep in touch with him, and can carry on conversations, discussions, and such with him in a convenient manner.

As for BeaJay himself, his full legal name is William John Mc Neice. He normally signs official papers as William J. Mc Neice. The name Bill is a common short form of the name William, and as such has been the way he has been refered to most of his life. That is why the Author name on all his books is Bill Mc Neice.

When he started spending significant amounts of time with the woman who would later become his wife, friends and coworkers of her began refering to BeaJay as Bill John, in part because she already had a coworker named Bill. Refering to BeaJay as Bill John rather than just Bill enabled them to differentiate between BeaJay and the coworker already known as Bill. That led to people knowing him as Bill John Mc Neice which is merely a minor variation of William John Mc Neice.

Over the years, as BeaJay was becoming more and more interested in writing, he began thinking of a name to go by that would be more distinctive than just plain Bill. In college a roommate, after reading “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of The Rings”, started calling him Bilbo after the character Bilbo Baggins. He liked the name, but it didn’t seem as special as he would have hoped.

However, he found out that there was an interesting character on the American TV series “M*A*S*H“. That character came on as the replacement for the character Trapper John who left the series. In episode 3 of season 7 it is learned that the replacement for Trapper John had a mother named Bea and a father named Jay. When their first child, a boy, was born, since he was the combination of mother Bea and father Jay, they combined their names to give him the name BeaJay.

That is how BeaJay Hunnicutt, the replacement for Trapper John, received his name. That fact, however, is lost on the majority of people because when they hear “BeaJay Hunnicutt”, they naturally assume they are hearing “B. J. Hunnicutt” and that Hunnicutt was simply using his initials. In episode 3 of season 7, Hawkeye tried to find out what the B. and the J. stood for. Instead, that’s when Hawkeye found out that Hunnicutt’s first name was actually BeaJay.

While BeaJay is not actually named “BeaJay”, he does, based on the name Bill John Mc Neice, have B. and J. as his initials. Since the character BeaJay Hunnicutt had such an interesting first name that could represent the initials B. J., rather than just using his initials, BeaJay decided to use the name “BeaJay” to represent himself. He has been using BeaJay to represent himself for over ten years now, but he still slips from time to time and introduces himself to others as Bill, even though he prefers being known as BeaJay.