Thoughts about responding to others

Yesterday, a woman whom I am infatuated with, and for whom I have a great appreciation, posted a poetic piece that spoke to me about the effect a well written sonnet by an appropriate gentleman can have on a young lady. As I pondered what she had written, I decided to do a sonnet specifically for her showing that those who read her writings have a great appreciation of her and her poetic pieces. Naturally, I sent her a copy. I will have to see how she responds.

Upon reading her piece more carefully, I came to the conclusion that I’m not old enough to contemplate to what she was referring in her last stanza. It sounded as though she might be going to engage in an intimate encounter in a hot tub with the fellow who had written her the sonnet.

Quite a while ago now she had posted another piece that gave the rather strong impression that she were explicitly talking about the physical effect of sharing herself intimately with another. I am beginning to think that I need to be careful not to read her pieces so carefully. It is one thing to be infatuated with a lovely young lady. It is quite another to allow one’s emotions and desires to be stirred up to the point of imagining a relationship that some might say is not appropriate except between a husband and his wife.

Of course, I know there are those who would find such pieces highly entertaining, and who would disagree strongly with my opinions on such matters. Some might even go so far as to accuse me of promoting censorship. They would say that I should not be so narrow minded and judgmental. I would ask, in return, that they not force their lifestyles on me. I readily admit that though I am rather highly experienced chronologically, I am not of an age where being exposed to such pieces is appropriate for me. I only ask that they give me the same respect to believe as I do, as they demand I give them to believe as they do.

As for the woman about whom I have been writing, I am still infatuated with her. She is still a very lovely young lady for whom I have a great appreciation. I just have to be careful not to make any assumptions about her or her lifestyle, and I have to be careful not to overthink her writings. I treasure having her as a casual acquaintance, and would find great delight in having a much deeper relationship with her. However, I will have to be careful that however our relationship develops, it remains emotionally platonic. We are sufficiently separated geographically to preclude any inappropriate activities together, but I still have to be careful that neither of us defrauds the other emotionally. … Such is Life!


One thought on “Thoughts about responding to others

  1. Thank you, Vijaya. This all came about because I read more into a piece than what was actually there. I paid too much attention to how others see things rather than listening to the heart of the one who wrote the piece. I had to go back and reread the piece carefully, and let the true meaning speak to me rather than merely listening to the words. 🙂


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