Misinterpretation revisited – a revelation of foolishness

The other day, I posted a blog entry about a piece written by a young lady that spoke strongly to me. I shared how I had even gone so far as to write the lady a sonnet speaking to the exceptional quality of life that young lady exhibits daily.

I then went on to explain about how a closer reading led me to see the piece as speaking in ways that lead men to inappropriate fantasies about what was written there. That night I hardly slept a wink struggling with how I might broach the topic of the piece that had been written with the lady who had written it.

After making an utter and complete fool of myself in sharing how I perceived the piece, I took a shower and, during the shower, contemplated the piece even more thoroughly than I had before. It was then that I realized the part of the piece that aroused one’s curiosity was really just a metaphor for the quality of life of a writer mentioned within the piece.

The young lady in the piece dreams of a sonnet, apparently written by the gentleman, revealing the magnificence of the gentleman’s life. She arises, gets some coffee, and goes to bathe in a jacuzzi. On the way she grabs a copy of the sonnet and reads it. There in the jacuzzi she will allow her soul to be washed clean by the fine qualities of the man whose heart is revealed in the sonnet.

It is a beautiful piece that shows how a young lady can find renewed vision and purity in life through taking heed of the fine qualities of a man as revealed in what, how, and about whom he writes.

I will have to take care in the future not to respond to Life based on how things happen to appear, but to trust in what I believe to be Truth and to live that trust out in my day to day life. If I had done that, I would not have made such an utter and complete fool of myself in the eyes of that lovely young lady. Instead, I would have had re-affirmed in my heart my understanding of what a fine lady she is, and I could write to her in ways that would re-affirm in her life the qualities that make her the wondrous lady that she is.


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