Making an ordinary day extraodinary

Today, Tuesday, 14 February, I heard of what one lady called her most memorable Valentine’s Day ever.

She and her husband were barely making it financially. They could not even afford to go out to a fancy restaurant for a romantic meal. When he got home from work that evening, his wife insisted that he get dressed up for a special dinner out. He knew they could not afford anything of that nature, but because the wife was so insistent, he went up, put on his best coat and tie, and came down to take his wife to dinner for Valentine’s Day. When the wife came down, she was dressed in an exquisite outfit. They were going to have a wonderfully romantic evening together.

The wife drove them to the local hamburger place that her husband enjoyed eating at the most. When they walked in, the manager came over and asked if they happened to have a reservation. The wife said they did, a reservation for two for dinner. The manager motioned to a person in the back, and a well dressed waiter came over and escorted the two over to a romantically secluded table off to one side with a tablecloth, candles, and fine china place settings for two. He then proceeded to serve them a fantastic hamburger dinner complete with drinks and dessert. Of course, at the end of the meal, rather than bring a bill to the table, the server signaled the gentleman, and he came off to the side to settle up the bill. After they had such a wonderful fine dining experience, they went back home and had a most enjoyable evening together.

Earlier that week, the wife had gone to the fast food hamburger joint that her husband would frequent for lunch and spoke with the manager. She brought over the tablecloth, candles, and place settings. She then arranged for a friend of the family to dress up, go to the hamburger place, and take on the role of waiter for that evening. With the help of a few kind and understanding people, the wife was able to have the most memorable Valentine’s Day dinner with her husband that they could ever have imagined for a cost of around $10.

With a little bit of time, some creativity, and the help of a few kind people, one can have a fantastic time even on an extremely tight budget. Love can overcome obstacles that, when first looked at, seem insurmountable.


5 thoughts on “Making an ordinary day extraodinary

  1. Very lovely story. Reminds me of my family. No one to watch our toddler for a night out nor the money for such a night. We love each other just the same.


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Jessie. When I heard it on the radio that morning, it touched my heart deeply. I am hoping that by posting a copy here I can encourage others to take the time to use a little creativity to turn what would be otherwise ordinary times into truly special events.


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