The Effect of Conscious Meditation

There is a young lady I have met on-line who shared once that her day to day life being married, raising children, teaching class in school, and interacting with others whom she knows fills her soul with so much experience that periodically she feels overwhelmed by it all. When that happens, though she is able to continue functioning fine, she needs time alone where she can allow her mind to wander all through what is overwhelming her, pondering what it all signifies, and contemplating how it impacts her and all she holds precious.

As she does so, that enables her to take what is overwhelming her soul, and integrate it into her heart. When she gets what was weighing her down properly cogitated and integrated into her heart, it enlivens her and gives her a boost causing her spirit to soar to heights previously unreachable. She becomes so renewed and refreshed, she is able to go back to her responsibilities with a fresh vigor easily overcoming the trivial irritations that had seemed to be impenetrable brick walls previously.

While it doesn’t really speak specifically to this issue, the Haiku/Senryu titled “Quiet” speaks to me deeply about this process. It mentions being alone and able to think things through well enough to where her thoughts are no longer screaming so loud she can’t hear the wind gently rustling the leaves in the trees. As she gets her thoughts all sorted out, she can hear the breeze whispering through the trees. I responded with how that brings about the in depth contemplation that enables the soul to breathe again, and thoroughly renews one’s spirit.

This sets the stage for a young lady who is feeling all the pressures of marriage, family life, and job stress. To deal with what is weighing her down, she decides to spend a long, four-day, holiday weekend alone on a deserted island just off the coast. During that time she will calmly allow herself to contemplate all that has gone on in her life, especially in the last year, and ponder how to fully experience the life she is living.

Contemplating the Haiku/Senryu titled “Warmth” bring forth the result of such a break in the young lady’s life. As she spends the time there on the island deep in contemplation, she reaches the point where she is thoroughly renewed in her heart, soul, and spirit as the cogitation of her life integrates all she has been experiencing into her being. It reaches a point where something as simple as a breathe of fresh air gently stirring her hair brings out an ecstatic bliss giving her boundless energy in her soul that fills her entire being. She is so inspired that mere words cannot even begin to describe what is going on in her life. She is filled with marvelous dreams that will carry her into paradise.

The piece “Alone” turned into a sharing session between me and the author where we turned what had been a simple Haiku/Senryu into a chain six stanzas long. In the process we formed a work that tells the story of a scoundrel who gets shipwrecked on the island, and is saved from the treacherous surf by the young lady. In the beginning all he has as evidence is her footprints in the sand. Those footprints stir within his still foggy mind memories of her pulling him to safety. By following the remnant of those footprints from where he was left to where they disappear in the distance, he is able to reach some welcome shade, and meet the one who was so kind as to save his life.

As they share with each other, they find themselves developing a deep friendship. They both realize, however, that they can never be more than close friends. Even so, they are able to share a short passionate, though platonic, relationship where the young lady is able to give the guy a new perspective on life that causes him to give up his rascally ways.

That brings into play the piece “Butterfly” that I skipped over in my meditation. It speaks of how Cupid shot an arrow into the heart of both the young lady and the scoundrel. However, he did not hit the Bulls eye. That would have resulted in the two of them becoming soulmates, but she is already the soulmate of another.

Instead, Cupid does a near miss. That leaves each of them with an intense, though short, infatuation that gives them temporary pleasure. It is a great deal of fun to enjoy each others company in such a way, but since it is just temporary, it does not give them the everlasting bliss of soulmates. Rather it leaves them with memories that the bruise of Cupid’s near miss makes bittersweet. Still, it is better to have loved, even for so short a time, and lost than to never have loved at all.

At the end of the four-day weekend the lady returns to her life better able to fully experience all the joy and bliss that is hers. The scoundrel is able to return to his life, as well. Though now he is reformed, and better able to properly relate to those around him.

Thus is the basic outline of a short story that has come from contemplating a group of Haiku/Senryu written by a person who is able to fully embrace life, and effectively share the details that living such a life to the fullest gives.

The next step is to sit down and write the first draft of the story based on this most general of outlines. In the process of the writing of the first draft, the details needed to flesh-out the story will come along. It occurs as a result of additional meditation going on as the writing is occurring.

So what do you think, gang? I feel the need to do the story now. Are you willing to read it if I write it? Let me know your thoughts about my meditations expressed here, and whether or not it will make a good story.


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