Continuing with Conscious Meditation details – issues I’m facing

It has been several days since I have done a status report on the story I am working on. I have shared about the seeds of the story shared as Haiku/Senryu on a social networking site I frequent. I have shared, as well, some of the plot elements that have come about by conscious meditation on the story seeds that have been planted. One would think the next step would be the First Draft of the story itself.

Unfortunately, there are details that still need resolving before the actual writing can begin. The most important of which are the names of the two main characters, the young lady and the rakish young man. There are, as well, the names of others like the lady’s husband, her children, the man’s girlfriends, &c. There are two actual people that I could see as possible vaporous shadows of the characters in the story, but to use their names, or the names of anyone related to them would not be appropriate. Besides, I like to have the names somehow relate to the story, and these names would not.

Then there are the occupations of those involved, and the actual circumstances that bring them to the island. Adults do not just suddenly appear out of nowhere without any jobs or responsibilities. They have occupations, duties, and schedules. What they are doing has to fit into whatever else has been, and will continue, going on in their lives. I have to come up with a plausible backdrop for where they came from, and a reasonable glance at where they will be going from here. This is just a tiny stop in the middle of the continuing story of where they came from and where they are going.

Of course, the scoundrel ends up on the island as the result of a boating accident off shore. But why was he there off shore to begin with? What was the nature of the boating accident? Who else, if anyone, was involved, and what happened to them? These are questions I have to have some kind of answers for before I can do a good job beginning the story.

Something I realized over the last day or two is how closely my meditations are coming to the plot of the movie “Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison” that was released in 1957. It starred Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum. I have seen it all the way through at least once, and maybe twice. It has some interesting points, but is enough different that probably no one but me would ever think of the two together, but I do sense a bit of a connection in having two people on an island who have a major impact on each other’s lives.

I am having a time with personal issues right now, as well. Over the last weekend I had to deal with cyber-intimidation, and now there are various normal doctor visits, dental visits, and similar things. On top of that 01 March starts the season of Lent which is important to a follower of JESUS The Messiah, as I am.

Lent is the forty-six day lead into the celebration of Resurrection Day when those who follow The Messiah commemorate the Resurrection From The Dead of JESUS The Messiah. It is known as the 40 days of Fasting that lead up to Easter Sunday. The length is actually 47 days, but there is no fasting done on the embedded Sundays and certainly no fasting on Easter Sunday, The Day of Resurrection.

That drops the number of days of actual fasting to 40. It corresponds to the forty years of the Exodus of The Children of Israel from Egypt into The Promised Land. It corresponds, as well, to the forty days of fasting in which JESUS The Messiah engaged between HIS Baptism and the start of HIS actual ministry. It was at the very end of those forty days of fasting that JESUS endured the Temptation In The Wilderness by Satan.

I will continue to keep sharing as I struggle with the writing of what is turning into quite a story. Let me know what all of you think of what is going on here. 🙂


One thought on “Continuing with Conscious Meditation details – issues I’m facing

  1. Thank you, Maysa’a. As you can see, my mind is a bit preoccupied for now. However, I am trying to proceed. I just have to give it the thought it deserves.

    As an aside, in my most recent novel, I picked a character’s name simply because it let me use a movie reference for a chapter title. It works for me, but I’m not sure it was really appropriate. … But “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a good movie. 🙂



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