How “Contemplating on New Juan Atoll” Is Going

I have written about half the story at this point. It has been interesting so far. I started at about the midpoint with an explosion waking Alexie. She saves Jake from drowning and leaves him reviving on the beach.

At that point, I share about how her life usually goes pretty well, but this last year it has been rough. I tell of how she gave her boss an ultimatum. Either the boss lets her have a long weekend off, or she leaves and never comes back. The boss, faced with such a situation, caves in and approves the leave.

Alexie leaves for the atoll on Thursday evening, and spends all Friday morning dealing with what the stress has done in her life. After lunch, she starts taking steps to correct what she can. By mid-afternoon she has recovered to the point where she is enjoying life again. Friday evening she thoroughly enjoys the beauty of a quiet evening under the stars living life to the fullest.

She goes to bed, goes to sleep, and has wondrous dreams. Unfortunately, at around an hour before dawn is when an explosion wakes her up.

That brings the reader back to Saturday morning where, after saving Jake and leaving him on the beach, she has had breakfast, and is ready to deal with a strange man who survived an explosion just to be left on a beach of an almost deserted atoll.

I have yet to deal with the two of them meeting, the conversations as they get to know each other, Jake pondering what all this means in his life, the Sunday morning after where Jake shares that he is changing to Jack, and the budding relationship as they begin having feelings for each other. I have to go from there through a romantic day for the two of them that ends with a dance on the sand, and a hug with a kiss.

Then comes the Monday morning when Alexie arises before dawn, leaves a note for Jack, and rushes back down to the dock where her small craft is waiting for her return. On her trip back to her family she realizes that her previous day with Jack has thawed her sympathy and compassion while deepening her love for her husband and children.

Jake, now Jack, realizes that his life has been changed forever by what has happened. He finds the note, reads it, and learns that his new life will never include Alexie. He does, however, follow the directions to the dock and uses the radio there to contact Harbor Patrol for rescue from the atoll. The new Jack goes back to the real world a much different and better man.

Well, … how’s that for a basic outline of what is going on? … I’ll either post the story soon, or find a way to give you more of an update. Let me know what you think of things thus far.


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