A problem with fading in the stretch

There are times when the best laid plans of mice and men aft gang aglee. I am still working on “Contemplating on ‘New Juan Atoll’ “. The problem is that Life keeps getting in the way. I have the last Beta Copy of my most recent novel to go through and integrate into the changes I’ve already made. Then there is the fact that here in the USA, it is time when everyone has to do their Income Taxes. Along with that, I have to finish my short story that has Alexie spending a weekend on a desert isle with a fellow named Jake who changes his name to Jack as he romances her into leaving him there when she realizes she has to remain faithful to her husband and children.

The two worst parts are:
1. The last Beta Copy of my novel has several paragraphs in several chapters that need to be drastically shortened or deleted. That leaves those chapters 100 to 200 words shorter in length than the others. Soooo I then have to go through those chapters and add text in ways that will not detract from the story. In some cases I just clarify things a bit. In others I switch from telling what happened through description to showing what happened through dialogue and action. Either way is hard. I’ve had the copy back for a week and a half now, and I have made it through Chapter 8 out of 30.

2. In “Contemplating On ‘New Juan Atoll’ “, I have reached an area that is almost exclusively dialogue, and I find dialogue to be the hardest part of writing. I have to show, through the dialogue, what a scoundrel Jake is, what an exemplary person Alexie is, Jake’s need to change to a Jack, and the romantic time that ensues as a result. In addition, I have to figure out how to have the romantic time strengthen Alexie’s relationship with her family while remaining totally platonic with Jack. At least I’m at a point where I can spend some time describing a Jacob that lived up to the meaning of the name. … But, still …

I’m hanging in there, but things are going slow at this point. … And here I thought after completing the contemplation enough to have a general outline, the writing the short story would be simple. … Boy, did I misjudge that one!

And then there is the taxes. At least I have been able to fill in a little with some essays I wrote a few years ago. I hope you enjoyed them. I will see what else I can find that you might enjoy.


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