Looking forward to the two most important days in human history

Today, Palm Sunday here in the U S A, we commemorate the beginning of what was the last week in the life of JESUS The Messiah. At the end of that week, HE was arrested, subjected to between two and four mock trials used to railroad HIM into a death penalty conviction, and executed on trumped up charges because HE did not conform to the edicts of the religious ruling class of the time.

It was on the day we commemorate on Palm Sunday that HE entered Jerusalem as the ONE the people thought would finally throw off the overly burdensome rule of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the rulers of the time, HE does nothing to show that HE is doing anything but ridicule the religious leaders of the time.

That leads up to HIS arrest which we commemorate on a day many refer to as Holy Thursday. After HIS arrest, HE is tried by religious leaders, tried a second time by the full religious court, sent to King Herod for a trial, and finally tried by the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. As a result of the religious and political circumstances at the time, JESUS ended up being convicted of a capital offense that carried the death penalty.

That brings things up to the day we commemorate on what is known as Good Friday. While it possibly was not actually a Friday, it is on Good Friday when we commemorate JESUS being hung on a cross in the process of execution known as Crucifixion. The day we commemorate on Good Friday is the second most important day in all of human history. It was the day when a Sin Sacrifice was made for the Sins of all mankind. However, for that Sacrifice to be applied to a person’s life, that person must believe in JESUS, believe that what JESUS said about HIMSELF is True, and put their trust completely in the Truth of what JESUS said.


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