Contemplating the Greatest Day in All of Human History

Yesterday, Friday, 14 April, 2017, was the day called “Good Friday” on which people around the world commemorate the Sacrifice of JESUS The Messiah on a cross on a hill called Golgotha. Whether or not that Sacrifice actually took place on a Friday is to some debatable. However, the purpose and the effect of the Sacrifice is beyond debate. That Sacrifice provides the Reconciliation necessary for a person to have a proper relationship with GOD.

While that Sacrifice was essential to reconcile a person to GOD, the Sacrifice, in and of itself, was not quite enough to prove the Reconciliation was possible. The problem with human imperfection started in The Garden of Eden just after the beginning of Time as we know it. It was then that the first man, people call him Adam, disobeyed GOD, and brought upon humankind the curse of Death. The curse is not just a physical death, but is an eternal spiritual death where one is excluded totally from GOD’S Presence forever. Many refer to that as Hell.

The Sacrifice for the curse of human imperfection leading to Death had to be shown as sufficient to bring about the Reconciliation to GOD. That is what is commemorated tomorrow, Sunday, 16 April, 2017. It is on Easter Sunday, sometimes referred to as Resurrection Sunday, that we commemorate the Raising of JESUS The Messiah from the dead, thus proving that the Sacrifice had been sufficient to break the curse of Death. Death no longer had the power to eternally separate one from GOD. That was proven by the raising of JESUS The Messiah from the dead.

That proves that it is now possible for a person to be Reconciled to GOD, and live forever in HIS Presence. Many refer to that as Heaven or Paradise. While there is still a physical death that each human experiences eventually, now it has been proven that it is possible for a person to receive a new immortal body to house the person’s soul and spirit, and to dwell in GOD’S Presence forever. If a person does not receive the gift of Reconciliation that is now possible, that person will receive an immortal body to house the person’s soul and spirit, and that person will be eternally separated from GOD completely.

If a person is ever able to conclusively disprove the Resurrection of JESUS The Messiah, then what is known as Christianity will be forever destroyed, and the followers of JESUS The Messiah will be shown to be the most foolish of people to have ever existed. However, the evidence proving the Resurrection of JESUS The Messiah is so conclusive that the people who have tried to disprove it, even many confirmed atheists, have become dedicated followers of Jesus The Messiah.

Recently, I had the privilege of seeing the movie The Case For Christ. It is a retelling of the attempt of an award winning investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune trying to disprove the Resurrection to show his wife that it would be absurd to believe in JESUS. Rather than convincing his wife to give up her belief in JESUS, that confirmed atheist, Lee Strobel, put his trust in GOD through the Sacrifice of JESUS The Messiah. The movie is based on Lee Strobel’s best selling book The Case For Christ in which he details his investigation into the Resurrection.

If it is possible, I would highly recommend either seeing the movie or reading the book. If one is already a follower of JESUS The Messiah, it will provide that one with confirmation that they are doing the right thing. If one is not a follower of JESUS The Messiah, it would show that believing in JESUS The Messiah is at least as reasonable as believing anything else.


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