The 4th of May – “Star Wars Day”

Here where I live it is now late afternoon – early evening on the 4th of May, a day that has become known world wide as “Star Wars Day”. That is because saying “May The 4th … Be With You” sounds so much like the desire to bestow good fortune on a person by saying “May The Force Be With You”. That statement – “May The Force Be With You” – became the catch phrase of Star Wars fans as a way of wishing the best for others. As is the way in such a technological world as the one in which we now live, Geeks world wide grabbed on to the date, and the way of saying it that relates to Star Wars, and now use it as a day to celebrate all things Star Wars around the world.

As is often the case with things that become so popular, there are those who speak of the significant amount of symbolism in the original Star Wars movie. Many people relate the Force as being symbolic of GOD’S Holy SPIRIT, and how It has many similarities to the moving of GOD’S SPIRIT in one’s life. Then there is the way that Obi-Wan Kenobi gives up his life to allow the salvation of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah as they seek to escape the clutches of Evil personified in Darth Vader.

I, personally, have never studied things thoroughly enough to draw any significant connections, but there are a few down over the years who see that first Star Wars movie as being a science fiction metaphor of the Gospels in the Bible. While it is clear that this is an update of the serial classics of many years ago, I would hardly go so far as to say it is a metaphor of the Gospels. I would, however, be interested in seeing what others see of a Spiritual nature in it.

So, May the 4th … be with you, and may you live long and prosper, as well. Let me know what great Truths you see in Star Wars as you contemplate it on this day of celebration.


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