Headway in editing

I have been working at editing my most recent novel. I have now done all of the easy fixes. I’ve got about 6 chapters to expand. The worst needs about 200 words more. After that the next worst only needs about 100. The rest need much less.

Then there are only about 3 places that require any real rewriting. In the first location, I need to show that a motel desk clerk is creepy, rather than just saying he was creepy. The second one is describing the shape of headstones in a graveyard without getting down to the inches in detail. Finally the third location is describing the inscription patterns on the headstones without going into line by line details.

I’m in process of dealing with the length problems next. After that, I will deal with the 3 rewrite problems. Things are going a whole lot faster than when I was looking at the whole set of issues at once, and stressing out over the magnitude of the ordeal. By doing the easiest first at each step, I only have the easiest left to do. That’s because it is all I have left to do. … Hey, … it works for me!


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