Updating “The Proof Copy Cycle”

When it comes to “An Address of Evil”, I ordered a proof copy about 3 weeks ago. It came about 10 days later, and I started going over it in almost microscopic detail to make sure it was as perfect as possible before I released it. I did find a few tiny things where it could have been better, but nothing so big it absolutely HAD to be fixed. I fixed them anyway in anticipation of finding a major mistake. It was good that I did.

Then I reached Chapter 8. In the prior and subsequent chapters, Page 1 of the chapter had the Chapter Title on the top half of the page. From there every even page of the chapter had the Book Title in the Page Header. Every odd page had the Chapter Title in the Page Header. That was as it should be. However, while the title of Chapter 8 did occupy the top half of its first page, none of the other pages in Chapter 8 had any Page Header of any kind. That is a mistake so bad that if seen, would require my wearing a brown bag over my head to hide my embarrassment.

What made it even worse was that Chapter 19 and Chapter 27 each had the same mistake of missing headers. This demanded immediate fixing in each of the three chapters. The fix was simple, but I had to be careful to get the pagination correct. To make the page numbering work correctly, each chapter has to be precisely 8 pages long. That way each chapter begins on an odd page, so that each Page Header works out correctly.

As I kept on reading, I did find a place where there was a “to” where there should have been a “the”, and further on I found another place where there was a “he” where there should have been a “his”. The first paragraph of Chapter 6 needed to be reworded, as well, to take care of a consistency error with a paragraph back in Chapter 5. So to make the book acceptable, I had to upload the corrected copy, and order another proof copy to go over in detail, just like I had with this one.

When I get through a proof copy without finding any significant errors, I will release the book to market. If I do find a significant error, I fix it and order yet another proof copy, and repeat.

Hopefully, this will be the last proof copy I have to order. … But we will see. … Such is life.


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