About this web site

This is the personal web site of BeaJay. It provides a place where he can maintain a Blog of thoughts, comments, notices, and other writings. It provides, as well, a place where he can provide a current on-line list of all his publications that are currently on the market. It is a location on the Internet where those interested in following his writing career can easily keep in touch with him, and can carry on conversations, discussions, and such with him in a convenient manner.

As for BeaJay himself, his full legal name is William John Mc Neice. He normally signs official papers as William J. Mc Neice. The name Bill is a common short form of the name William, and as such has been the way he has been refered to most of his life. That is why the Author name on all his books is Bill Mc Neice.

When he started spending significant amounts of time with the woman who would later become his wife, friends and coworkers of her began refering to BeaJay as Bill John, in part because she already had a coworker named Bill. Refering to BeaJay as Bill John rather than just Bill enabled them to differentiate between BeaJay and the coworker already known as Bill. That led to people knowing him as Bill John Mc Neice which is merely a minor variation of William John Mc Neice.

Over the years, as BeaJay was becoming more and more interested in writing, he began thinking of a name to go by that would be more distinctive than just plain Bill. In college a roommate, after reading “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of The Rings”, started calling him Bilbo after the character Bilbo Baggins. He liked the name, but it didn’t seem as special as he would have hoped.

However, he found out that there was an interesting character on the American TV series “M*A*S*H“. That character came on as the replacement for the character Trapper John who left the series. In episode 3 of season 7 it is learned that the replacement for Trapper John had a mother named Bea and a father named Jay. When their first child, a boy, was born, since he was the combination of mother Bea and father Jay, they combined their names to give him the name BeaJay.

That is how BeaJay Hunnicutt, the replacement for Trapper John, received his name. That fact, however, is lost on the majority of people because when they hear “BeaJay Hunnicutt”, they naturally assume they are hearing “B. J. Hunnicutt” and that Hunnicutt was simply using his initials. In episode 3 of season 7, Hawkeye tried to find out what the B. and the J. stood for. Instead, that’s when Hawkeye found out that Hunnicutt’s first name was actually BeaJay.

While BeaJay is not actually named “BeaJay”, he does, based on the name Bill John Mc Neice, have B. and J. as his initials. Since the character BeaJay Hunnicutt had such an interesting first name that could represent the initials B. J., rather than just using his initials, BeaJay decided to use the name “BeaJay” to represent himself. He has been using BeaJay to represent himself for over ten years now, but he still slips from time to time and introduces himself to others as Bill, even though he prefers being known as BeaJay.